vestibColumbia Physical Therapy is staffed by licensed physical therapists who invest in professional continuing education, in order to improve our treatment techniques for a wide variety of disorders.

Patients with impaired balance or vertigo might have good potential for improved function by working with a physical therapist who is familiar with evaluating and establishing a treatment program.

Treatment is customized to the individual and may include instruction in postural stability exercises and gait training. The therapist might employ techniques to facilitate vestibular adaptation. Exercises to increase motion tolerance or improve dynamic equilibrium are often beneficial. Patients exhibiting somatosensory / proprioception deficits need treatment to focus on regaining righting reactions.

Patients with the following clinical findings or pathology / diagnoses, will benefit from vestibular rehabilitation and/or balance retraining.

Vestibular Neuritis – vertigo, dysequilibrium, postural instability

Labyrinth – motion sensitivity, dysequilibrium

Central Vestibular Loss – falls, light headedness, decreased righting reactions and decreased sensory integration

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Positionally Provoked
Period of Latency
Positive Hallpike Test
1 – 60 Second Duration
Epply Repositioning Maneuver

We look forward to assisting your patients regain balance, reduce deficits and overall improve their functional activities. For more information, please contact Karen at (518) 479-7172.