Well Balanced Senior Citizens Focus on Preventing Falls

The Sand Lake Senior Citizens are committed to taking good care of themselves therefore with that goal in mind, they invited a licensed physical therapist from Columbia Physical Therapy to assist them. Karen Anderson addressed thirty motivated men and women this past week to incorporate balance retraining into their routine. The audience enjoyed performing easy exercises taught by Anderson that stimulates our balance centers and builds our leg strength.

According to Anderson, of Columbia Physical Therapy, research has documented that falls are not always the result of household hazards like slipping on a throw rug. In fact, more episodes of lost balance and falls are due to a loss of strength or agility over the years. She states, ” Often, a person will become fearful of falling then worsens the risk of falling because they avoid being active. The more sedentary the person, the weaker and less coordinated they become. Brittle bones are not helped without regular exercise and routine walking so then if there is a fall, the chance of a broken bone increases. It becomes a downward spiral.”

No matter how old you are or how little one exercised in the past, the body benefits immediately by starting and staying committed to an active lifestyle. For questions related to improving your balance, contact Columbia Physical Therapy at 479-7172 or at www.columbiapt.com.