Effective November 23, 2006, New Yorkers are permitted to receive physical therapy without a referral. Please call 518.479.7172 and ask for Gina Roemer to clarify the conditions of receiving services without a physician’s, nurse practitioner’s or physician’s assistant’s referral.

The majority of people who receive physical therapy obtain a referral from their primary care provider or a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, neurologist or neurosurgeon, physiatrist, dentist or podiatrist.

Download our printer-friendly PDF Referral Form here.

At the time of the initial office visit, a history of your injury or condition is taken followed by a thorough physical examination. You should bring a pair of shorts if you have a hip, knee or foot injury. Following the history and physical examination, the physical therapist will outline the plan of care recommended to achieve the goals you have to address your condition. The PT will discuss with you the varied interventions that are available.