Lymphedema is a difficult condition causing swelling that may be the result of trauma, surgery, radiation therapy or cancer.

Cynthia C. Brocks, PT, LMT, CLT

Licensed physical therapist since 1983
Licensed massage therapist
Certified lymphedema therapist
Certified fitter for JOBST, Juzo and Circaid garments

Lymphedema treatment includes:

Manual lymph drainage massage
Compression bandaging
Remedial Exercise
Instruction in self-care
Compression garment fitting


Massage therapy is recommended to support traditional medical treatments, rehabilitation, recovery and promote wellness.

Types of messages offered

Swedish Massage
Medical Message
Myofasical Release Massage
Shiatsu / Acupressure
Relaxation Massage

Benefits of Massage

Improves circulation
Facilitates healing
Reduces pain
Assists in removal of toxins
Advances range of motion
Promotes relaxation
Reduces stress and anxiety
Remedial exercise

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