Columbia PT Jump Starts Your Fall Fitness

Physical therapists at Columbia Physical Therapy, P.C. are already busy treating injured athletes who started their fall sport this past month or their parents who now have time to turn to their own needs. For the past eighteen years, Doreen and Bob Frank and their associates have offered a myriad of physical therapy services to those in need. “Many students have actually kept themselves well conditioned over the summer so they enter the school year with less risk of an injury.” Doreen Frank notes. However, she continued, ” For those more inactive players, who did not stick to a regular aerobic activity, they might find themselves fading faster than their more active teammates. You are more apt to become uncoordinated when you’re tired.” If an athlete did not participate in any running or other sport specific exercises and then does not build their running or sports demands in increments, they might wind up with inflamed tendons or joints from the overuse. Physical therapists combine hands on techniques, education in proper stretching and strengthening and some modern electrotherapy if needed for overuse syndromes. Columbia Physical Therapy has been an important part of rehabilitation for local athletes since 1987 when they opened in East Greenbush.

Now that fall is here, the therapists at Empire Drive and in Valatie offer advice to students who will be sitting for longer periods than in the summer. So many adults suffer with neck or backache therefore it is important to establish healthy postural habits as early as possible. Correct sitting posture means you do not have rounded shoulders or a forward head. If your stomach is sagging while sitting then you are straining the neck and back leading you directly to long-term ache. Break the bad habits by simply activating your abdominal muscles. When we sit up in an elongated posture and pull the shoulder blades together, the muscles and spinal column are not stressed like they are when we are slouched. Keep reminding yourself to sit and stand tall thus you’ll win against gravity, which works to pull you forward. When you can interrupt prolonged sitting then stand up and do some gentle backwards bending to counteract the forward sitting you were in. If a backpack is heavier than 10-15% of a child’s weight and it is not worn with both straps so it is centered in the middle of the back that too will lead to back pain.

For additional information you can contact Doreen Frank at or call 479-7172.